Bäckerstreet 12, 1010 Vienna

Luxury apartments in Renaissance town house

Living Space: 347 m2
Price: € 5.450.000

The historic, 700 years old townhouse "Where the cow plays a board game" was fully redeveloped and the roof was converted into a luxurious residential domicile on two levels. All apartments are featured with finest materials, high quality furnishings and state of the art technology.

Aichholzstreet 26-28 | 1120 Vienna

New residential building near Schönbrunn

Living Space: 106 m2
Price: € 728.000

A Comfort Living by Consentia project:
In the middle of Vienna's 12th district near to the beauftiful Schönbrunner park, 32 condominiums and 2 business offices were built.

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